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(01/08/2024 to 31/07/2025) (01/08/2024 to 31/05/2025)(01/08/2024 to 30/06/2025)
Rent: 610$ CDN/month - Deposit: 75$Rent: 630$ CDN/month - Deposit: 75$Rent: 475$ CDN/month - Deposit: 75$

Please note that the single occupancy studios are available only for students attending Cegep Saint-Laurent.

The RCSL is a smoke-free environment, but it is possible to specify if you do not want to share your studio with a smoker.

Take note, that the Saint-Laurent Student Residences will try its best to accommodate your requests, but there is no guarantee. We thank you for your understanding.

Tenant/resident information
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For all deposits paid through paypal, plase fill in this section

Proprietor of the credit card for deposit:


We hereby authorize the landlord or his representatives to make enquiries with the people according to the law, any credit agency or any name mentioned on the credit verification report, and with any financial institution, as well as verifications with anyone mentioned in our references.

Furthermore, we do declare that all the information contained herein are true and correct, and that the landlord should answer our present request and authorize or not the signature of a lease based on the above information.

A deposit of $75,00 is required, once the application completed. Money deposited is automatically cashable and will be deducted towards the payment of the first month's rent. It is reimbursable only if the student is not admitted in the college of his choice or if there are no more vacancies at the residence.


Terms and Conditions



The first goal of the Saint-Laurent Collegial Residences, a private company, is to offer an environment favorable to studies and a living style suited to the needs of its clientele, college students.


Each resident shall commit to respect the Residences Living Rules in order to ensure the collective and personal well-being. In the Residences, each tenant has the right to find a place that allows him to study and rest. Each person is entitled to self-respect and respect for his belongings at all times.


The Living Rules govern the occupancy of the premises in accordance with the Quebec legislation on rental lease, as prescribed in the Quebec Civil Code (QCC).


The second goal is to guarantee to each tenant living conditions such that each resident can live in a safe and positive environment for successful studies. Living in residences is also an experience which encourages civil education and prepares students to become increasingly active in society, responsible citizens, aware of their rights and responsibilities.





The Residences administration office is open during regular business hours to answer tenants’ questions. The office also manages leases and situations arising during the lease.


A janitor is available on the premises and can be reached in case of emergency. His telephone number will be given to you upon the signing of your lease.


In the evening and at night, a security guard takes over, patrols the building and watches the cameras for any unusual, dangerous or illegal activity.


Round-the-clock security is ensured by means of:


  • a surveillance camera system (with recording);
  • an intercom system at the entrance, to control visitors’ access; and
  • an access and circulation system in the building with magnetic cards.

Everything has been designed to ensure the security of residents at all times.




In order to better ensure the tenant’s security and simplify the management of the Residences, we recommend that you provide us with the following, upon your arrival at the Residences:


  • a recent photo of the tenant;
  • a proof of property insurance (covering the tenant and his studio);
  • a little portable fire-extinguisher; and
  • a series of cheques dated the first (1st) day of each month for the rent.








Repair walls, plaster (holes under ½”) $50 per hour
Repaint doors of studio (inside or out) $50 per door
Outlet cover replacement  $5 each
Removal of a screen with tape on the window $50.00


Repair of bathroom door      $50
Replacement of bathroom door   $150
Toilet paper holder replacement    $10

Toilet seat replacement   $20
Towel bar replacement   $10
Fan cover missing          $15
Pharmacy mirror door          $50
Shower glass door $250
Internet and cable outlet box  $75
Neon covers $80
Outlet cover replacement    $5


Fridge and stove combo damages   cost of repairmen
Damage caused to kitchen cabinets   cost of labour


Garbage removal 25$
Cleaning and complete disinfection of studio  $250

Broken or cracked thermo window (depending on wich floor)  $500 - $2 000


Desk: damage or broken $400
Chair: broken, stained or burnt  $200

Mattress: dirty, stained or infected  $250
Bed frame: chipped wood or broken $250
Curtain rod: broken or missing $25
Armoire: broken hinges cost of labour
Armoire: broken $450
Radiator: missing or broken cover $50


Painting of one wall $150
Painting of two walls $250
Painting of full studio $500
Floors: damaged tiles $25 per tile



Services and administrative charges

Returned check  $25
Room change $50
Lease termination with replacement  $75
Door unlocking $15
(after 3 times in the month = change of lock) $75
Lost key $10
Access card (damaged or lost) $20
Repair or replacement for damage cause in the common area of a unit. Note: floor invoice/unit invoice (share billing) if responsibility cannot be assigned to particular resident $50 + repair/replacement cost charged among resident of the floor unit (minimum charge per individual invoice: $5)
Borrowed item (broken or not returned) Amount of the item
Repair or replacement of electrical appliances, furniture, window treatment, extinguisher, smoke detector, fixture and any other items of the resident’s unit/room. Repair/replacement cost of the item
Cleaning, repair or replacement for damage repair/cleaning cost Caused to the room $15
Shut off of a continuously ringing alarm clock $15
Intervention of a protection: Service employee: noise complaint $30/hour
Any other reason for intervention where Resident is at fault $30/hour
Picking up of dirty dishes left in the common areas $15 or lost of your
And picking up other articles in common areas or the Garbage chutes. article





December holidays


The residence remains open during the holidays.


Before you leave, don’t forget:


  • Empty refrigerator;
  • Close and lock windows;
  • Pull things away from the heaters;
  • Fit your electric heating to 15 degrees in order to avoid that the pipes freeze but without consuming too much electricity for anything. Make sure all air vents are free of obstructions;
  • Put your valuables away;
  • Unplug all electric devices;
  • Bring your access card and keys.



Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!


Unlike dragons and unicorns, bedbugs are not fictional beings.  They really do exist.  And they do bite!


Bedbugs hate the light, so during the day, they hide in any warm creases they can find (such as the crease in your mattress).  They come out at night to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals (like you).  It’s difficult to pinpoint when they arrived, as they can lay dormant for many months.  What’s sure though, the occupant brings them in unknowingly.  Knowing this, we call in specialists to inspect the rooms a few times per years.  It helps a lot.


You too can help prevent bedbug’s infestations


  • Whenever you sleep elsewhere, make your own inspection;
  • Look for small dark dots on the mattress and on surfaces around the bed;
  • If you suspect the presence of bedbugs, don’t sleep there.  Wash your clothes before coming back to residence or as soon as you get back.


Think you’ve been bitten?


  • If you wake up with a bunch of itchy, red bumps on your body, you may have bedbugs.
  • If you suspect anything, do not sleep there, and wash your clothes before coming back to residence.
  • For a diagnosis, please go to the nearest CLSC.


If you’ve been bitten


  • Please tell the resident staff immediately!
  • You will be told to place all of your clothing, towels and sheets into garbage bags, and you will be instructed to use the commercial washing machines for a thoroughly wash.



Getting bedbugs is no reason to be embarrassed.  What’s really embarrassing is to not follow the procedure: if you leave clothes in your room, the bedbugs can stay and re-infest almost immediately.

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