Regulations, Terms and Conditions


Residences Living Rules



Owned by:                Suroma Corp. (R.C.S.-L)


Administration:        475 Sainte-Croix Avenue

                                   Montreal, Quebec, H4L 5P5

                                   (514) 789-3055 ext.: 0


Management :           Immeubles Centraux

                                   5475 Paré St. suite 246

                                   Montréal, Quebec, H4P 1P7

                                   Tel. :(514) 344-8818

                                   Fax :(514) 344-8820



Updated June 6t 2017




The first goal of the Saint-Laurent Collegial Residences, a private company, is to offer an environment favorable to studies and a living style suited to the needs of its clientele, college students.


Each resident shall commit to respect the Residences Living Rules in order to ensure the collective and personal well-being. In the Residences, each tenant has the right to find a place that allows him to study and rest. Each person is entitled to self-respect and respect for his belongings at all times.


The Living Rules govern the occupancy of the premises in accordance with the Quebec legislation on rental lease, as prescribed in the Quebec Civil Code (QCC).


The second goal is to guarantee to each tenant living conditions such that each resident can live in a safe and positive environment for successful studies. Living in residences is also an experience which encourages civil education and prepares students to become increasingly active in society, responsible citizens, aware of their rights and responsibilities.





The Residences administration office is open during regular business hours to answer tenants’ questions. The office also manages leases and situations arising during the lease.


A janitor is available on the premises and can be reached in case of emergency. His telephone number will be given to you upon the signing of your lease.


In the evening and at night, a security guard takes over, patrols the building and watches the cameras for any unusual, dangerous or illegal activity.


Round-the-clock security is ensured by means of:


  • a surveillance camera system (with recording);
  • an intercom system at the entrance, to control visitors’ access; and
  • an access and circulation system in the building with magnetic cards.

Everything has been designed to ensure the security of residents at all times.




In order to better ensure the tenant’s security and simplify the management of the Residences, we recommend that you provide us with the following, upon your arrival at the Residences:


  • a recent photo of the tenant;
  • a proof of property insurance (covering the tenant and his studio);
  • a little portable fire-extinguisher; and
  • a series of cheques dated the first (1st) day of each month for the rent.




1. Access to studio

The tenant will have access to this studio after the lease is signed and full payment of the first month’s rent.

2. Accessories, furniture and services

The rent includes furniture (bed with mattress, study desk, chair, armoire with drawers, kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and stove top (two elements), electricity, heating, hot water, a telephone with a telephone line (local calls only) and integrated mailbox Internet access.

The entire furniture – including the electrical wires and console with entry ports for the plugs and rod for the curtains – must be returned in its original state. At the beginning and the end of the lease, Management will record an inventory of fixtures. If needs be, it will reserve the right to demand repairs and/or the replacement of those parts of the fixture that will have been damaged and this, at the resident’s expenses.


3. Accommodation and visits

Studios are for the exclusive use of the tenant (resident students and not guarantors). It is strictly forbidden to house one or several guest(s). The Management of the Residences reserves the right to refuse and/or limit access to the Residences to those visitors who do not abide by the Residences Living Rules. In accordance with paragraph 9, Management also reserves the right to refuse entrance to the Residences to any visitor after 10:30pm, when it deems it necessary.

4. Administrative charges

See annex 2

5. Alcohol, drugs and smoke-free environment

Smoking in the residence and in your studio is strictly forbidden.

Any consumption of drugs or other illegal substances in and around the Residences (on the entire site) is strictly prohibited. In accordance with the Tobacco Law, the Residences are a smoke-free environment, and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the communal areas.

Cigarettes and cannabis (legalized or not) are strictly prohibited in the residence and near the Residence. Following a complaint presented to the administration for cigarette smell or other, an immediate inspection of the studios concerned will be made, without notice or delay.

6. Animals

No animal – small, medium or large – is authorized inside the Residences

7. Behavior

No aggressive word, improper or violent action towards the Residences staff shall be tolerated.

Any act of vandalism and any action harming or potentially harmful to the building security systems and/or their functioning shall be sanctioned (e.g.: emergency exits, fire detectors, cameras, fire extinguishers, elevators, etc).

8. Curtains and electrical plugs

The Tenant must:

a.    Keep a safe distance (minimum of 4 inches) between the heating baseboard and the curtains;

b.    Keep a safe distance (minimum 3 inches) between the desks and the heating baseboards;

c.    The electrical plugs on the ground are for your computers only.

d.    Do not over charge our electrical plugs, if so this will stop our breakers and they will be an automatic shut down of your electrical system.

9. Damage to the studio

See annex 1

10. Dangerous substances

In the Residences, the tenant can neither use nor keep substances which constitute or may constitute a risk of fire or explosion.

11. Dress

Inside the Residences, the tenant must be dressed decently outside his studio. It is also forbidden to be bare chest or bare foot.

12. Fire alarm

Triggering a firm alarm system for no justified reason and using fire-extinguishers without any serious reason shall be severely sanctioned

13. Garbage

Garbage must be thrown in the garbage drop located on each floor. In order to ensure maximum hygiene, garbage shall be contained in sealed plastic bags before being thrown in the drop. It is strictly forbidden to leave garbage in communal areas, on the floor near the chute and around the building.

14. Household and other appliances

The tenant can have a toaster, kettle, coffee-pot and other small and useful appliances. Any other appliance (e.g.: little portable toaster-oven, air conditioner or small heater) shall first need to be approved by the Residences Management.

15.   Installation of antennas

It is strictly forbidden to install any antenna whatsoever on or around the building.

16.   Installation of furniture

Installing any curtains, blinds, stands, units, shelves or any other piece of furniture physically linked to the building shall first be authorized in writing by the Management.

Mural decorative items, paintings, reproductions and so on shall be hung without damaging the walls and/or the paint. Any damage shall be repaired by the tenant.

For hygiene purposes, mattresses shall be covered with a protective sheet.

17.   Inventory of fixtures, arrivals and departures

Each tenant is responsible for his studio, the furniture and the accessories that come with it. Any good damaged by the tenant will be repaired or replaced at his own costs. This said, a detailed inventory of fixtures will be recorded in writing at the beginning and at the end of the lease.

Upon the tenant’s departure, at the end of the lease, the owner and/or his trustees reserve the right to inspect the condition of the studio and make an inventory, which will have to match the one recorded in the beginning of the lease. The tenant also agrees to return all keys and magnetic cards that he possesses before leaving the Residences.

18.   Laundry rooms

A paying laundry is installed on each floor. The washers and dryers are activated using a chip card (can be purchased and filled up at the administration office during business hours). Opening hours for laundry rooms are between 9am and 10pm.

You can fill up your laundry card in the office during business hours. Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 4:00 pm and Friday’s from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Bills, looneys and tooneys are accepted. Dimes, quarters and nickels are not.

Each tenant is responsible for maintaining these rooms clean.

19. Lease : duration, assignment and sub-leasing

The tenant is responsible for his lease until its term (art. 1854 to 1979 of the QCC). A tenant who wishes to leave before the term of the lease must assign the lease or sub-lease to another college student, in accordance with the agreement between Cégep Saint-Laurent and the Residences and the Québec Civil Code (art. 1870 and 1871). A tenant who wishes to use one of these two options must inquire with the Administration of the Residences of the steps to follow.

20.   Magnetic cards/keys

One (1) magnetic card and one (1) key are given at the beginning of the lease. In case of loss, the replacement fees are of twenty dollars ($20) for a magnetic card and ten dollars ($10) for a key. These replacement fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.

It is strictly forbidden to lend the key or the magnetic card.

21.   Mail

All correspondence must be addressed to the tenant in the following manner:

 (Tenant name)

Résidences collégiales Saint-Laurent

475 Sainte-Croix Avenue

(Studio number)

Montreal, Quebec, H4L 5P5

22. Mosquito net

You can put on a mosquito on your window but if f you put the "tape" to place it; you must remove it before leaving the premises

23.   Noise

At all times, the tenant must avoid to make noise that would disrupt the peace and quiet required for studying or for peaceful enjoyment of the premises to which every tenant is entitled.

Circulating in the corridors must be discreet. It is forbidden to run.

No noise will be tolerated between 10h30 pm and 8 am.

No guest is authorized to remain in the studios, living rooms and corridors of the Residences during those hours, unless written permission is obtained by the Residences Management. The granting of this permission remains at the Residence Management’s utmost discretion.         

The use of audio-visual appliances (radio, television, sound systems, etc.) must be made with good judgment.

No musical instruments can be used between 9 pm and 8 am.

24.   Parking

The parking lots belong to Cégep Saint-Laurent. A tenant who wishes to park his vehicle will be able to obtain a paying tag from Cégep Saint-Laurent for a semester or an academic year (information at student services, room B-121). Tenant visitors can obtain a parking ticket from the ticket machines located in various places in the parking lot.

In order to obtain a parking tag on your car you must come to the office and take a proof of residency. Please leave us your matriculation number and the model of your car.

It is formally forbidden to park a vehicle in the roundabout located at the front of the Residences’ main entrance – with or without a parking sticker. Any vehicle parked in this area will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expenses.

25.   Personal belongings

It is forbidden to leave personal belongings (bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, shoes, boots, rugs, etc.) in the corridors, communal areas and around the building. Circulating in roller blades or on a skateboard is allowed neither inside, nor on the Residences premises.

26.    Pest control

If you notice any activity of pest or any other insect you must report immediately to the management in order not to be held responsible.

Bed bugs: see annex 4 for details

27. Phone and voicemail

It is important that your mailboxes are activated and your phones are plugged in order to contact you and give you your parcels.

Note that if the administration cannot reach you the parcel will be returned to the post office.

28. Posting

Any posting on the Residences billboards needs to be authorized in writing by the Administration. 

All postings are prohibited outside your studio door (hallway side).

29.   Premises inspection and Management visiting rights

The Residences Management can inspect the premises following a verbal notice and this, between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday.

In case of emergency, no notice is required. The Management shall sanction any situation which transgresses the Living Rules, the Quebec legislation on rental lease or any other rule or regulation in force.

30.   Recycle

Recycle bins are in the disposition of the tenant and they are situated in the atrium along the side. The recycle bins are taken out every Sunday night for the pick up on Monday. You must put your recycle from Monday night though Sunday afternoon only.

31.   Rent payment

Rent is payable to the Administration office the first (1st) day of each month by check or in cash (in this case a receipt will be handed).

Any check returned or not honored by the bank, whatever the reason (insufficient funds, payment stop, blocked funds, etc.) will incur additional charges of twenty-five dollars ($25), immediately payable upon replacing the payment.

32.   Services

All the services offered to the residents are reserved for the exclusive use of the residents. In no case can these be lent, shared or sub-leased.

33.   Smoke detectors

It is strictly forbidden to unplug the smoke detector, and the tenant should check the batteries, if applicable, every six (6) months and replace them if necessary.

34.   Use of the premises

The tenant agrees to:

e.    make no changes to the premises;

f.     close the windows and lock the studio door before leaving every time;

g.    maintain the studio clean and salubrious as well as the furniture inside;

h.    throw nothing whatsoever through the windows;

i.      apply no wallpaper or color paint without written authorization from the Management (the studio shall be repainted in white at the end of the lease); and

j.      keep no fire arm, lead gun, dangerous substances, object or item of any kind whatsoever that may damage the premises or constitute a risk of fire or explosion.


35.   Vacations

See annex 3

36.   Weekends     

The tenant who remains in the Residences during the weekends must abide by the same rules than during the week.

37.   Windows

It is strictly forbidden to stick, apply or lean anything on/or against the windows of your studios.

Thermos window glasses are sensitive to temperature variations and anything that is stuck or leaned against it causes a thermal shock which break the windows.

The tenant will be held responsible if any braking happens due to carelessness.


Any tenant who does not abide by the Living Rules established or who transgresses the rules and regulations in force shall be formally notified to obey them or risk exposing himself to possible proceedings at the Rental Board (e.g.: eviction, condemnation to pay for damages, fees, etc.)

Any order, proof of recourse or notice sent to the tenant will also be sent, in carbon copy, to his guarantor, the latter being severally and jointly liable for all the obligations resulting from the lease.

The Residences Living Rules form an integral part of the lease between the resident Suroma Corp. (R.C.S.-L.)







Repair walls, plaster (holes under ½”) $50 per hour
Repaint doors of studio (inside or out) $50 per door
Outlet cover replacement  $5 each
Removal of a screen with tape on the window $50.00


Repair of bathroom door      $50
Replacement of bathroom door   $150
Toilet paper holder replacement    $10

Toilet seat replacement   $20
Towel bar replacement   $10
Fan cover missing          $15
Pharmacy mirror door          $50
Shower glass door $250
Internet and cable outlet box  $75
Neon covers $80
Outlet cover replacement    $5


Fridge and stove combo damages   cost of repairmen
Damage caused to kitchen cabinets   cost of labour


Garbage removal 25$
Cleaning and complete disinfection of studio  $250

Broken or cracked thermo window (depending on wich floor)  $500 - $2 000


Desk: damage or broken $400
Chair: broken, stained or burnt  $200

Mattress: dirty, stained or infected  $250
Bed frame: chipped wood or broken $250
Curtain rod: broken or missing $25
Armoire: broken hinges cost of labour
Armoire: broken $450
Radiator: missing or broken cover $50


Painting of one wall $150
Painting of two walls $250
Painting of full studio $500
Floors: damaged tiles $25 per tile



Services and administrative charges

Returned check  $25
Room change $50
Lease termination with replacement  $75
Door unlocking $15
(after 3 times in the month = change of lock) $75
Lost key $10
Access card (damaged or lost) $20
Repair or replacement for damage cause in the common area of a unit. Note: floor invoice/unit invoice (share billing) if responsibility cannot be assigned to particular resident $50 + repair/replacement cost charged among resident of the floor unit (minimum charge per individual invoice: $5)
Borrowed item (broken or not returned) Amount of the item
Repair or replacement of electrical appliances, furniture, window treatment, extinguisher, smoke detector, fixture and any other items of the resident’s unit/room. Repair/replacement cost of the item
Cleaning, repair or replacement for damage repair/cleaning cost Caused to the room $15
Shut off of a continuously ringing alarm clock $15
Intervention of a protection: Service employee: noise complaint $30/hour
Any other reason for intervention where Resident is at fault $30/hour
Picking up of dirty dishes left in the common areas $15 or lost of your
And picking up other articles in common areas or the Garbage chutes. article





December holidays


The residence remains open during the holidays.


Before you leave, don’t forget:


  • Empty refrigerator;
  • Close and lock windows;
  • Pull things away from the heaters;
  • Fit your electric heating to 15 degrees in order to avoid that the pipes freeze but without consuming too much electricity for anything. Make sure all air vents are free of obstructions;
  • Put your valuables away;
  • Unplug all electric devices;
  • Bring your access card and keys.



Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!


Unlike dragons and unicorns, bedbugs are not fictional beings.  They really do exist.  And they do bite!


Bedbugs hate the light, so during the day, they hide in any warm creases they can find (such as the crease in your mattress).  They come out at night to feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals (like you).  It’s difficult to pinpoint when they arrived, as they can lay dormant for many months.  What’s sure though, the occupant brings them in unknowingly.  Knowing this, we call in specialists to inspect the rooms a few times per years.  It helps a lot.


You too can help prevent bedbug’s infestations


  • Whenever you sleep elsewhere, make your own inspection;
  • Look for small dark dots on the mattress and on surfaces around the bed;
  • If you suspect the presence of bedbugs, don’t sleep there.  Wash your clothes before coming back to residence or as soon as you get back.


Think you’ve been bitten?


  • If you wake up with a bunch of itchy, red bumps on your body, you may have bedbugs.
  • If you suspect anything, do not sleep there, and wash your clothes before coming back to residence.
  • For a diagnosis, please go to the nearest CLSC.


If you’ve been bitten


  • Please tell the resident staff immediately!
  • You will be told to place all of your clothing, towels and sheets into garbage bags, and you will be instructed to use the commercial washing machines for a thoroughly wash.



Getting bedbugs is no reason to be embarrassed.  What’s really embarrassing is to not follow the procedure: if you leave clothes in your room, the bedbugs can stay and re-infest almost immediately.