The Exam Period

The Exam Period

Ah! The exam period! The period when everyone scrambles, tasks accumulate, you hurry to finish your work, to complete your reading list and in addition to that you have to prepare for exams. How to keep your head above water?

Here are a few tips:

1. An Overview

If you have not already, it is time to draw up a schedule that includes all your deliverables and dates of your exams from the last week of class to the last work or exam. This exercise will give you an overview of timelines and deliverables.

2. Make a Study Schedule

Thanks to your exam and deliverables schedule, it is possible to plan your time, see the deadlines and organize yourself. Organization at this time of year is the key to success, managing your time is an essential element for reducing stress.

3. Devise a Plan

With a study schedule, it is possible to plan your tasks. The time that each task will take, the small tasks necessary to accomplish the bigger tasks, everything needed to better organize and use your time effectively. If one has to do research for an essay, first plan the time needed for research and then the time to write and the time to review and finally, if necessary the time for the unpredictable tasks. It is better to give an intensive effort and finish in style than to come up against a wall and end up with nothing completed on time. Starting research work two days before the deadline is really a challenge that is not worth the trouble.

4. Managing Stress

It is important to take care of oneself during this time, eating well, taking breaks, doing some sports, exercising, sleeping and planning an outing or two to clear one’s head. It is important, because oxygenating one’s mind makes the process of studying more effective and certainly less painful.

5. Be Prepared

Prepare your pencils, papers and tools for your exams. Do not wait until the last day to go shopping. Allow time for your needs from the start so as not to add to your stress.

6. Think Positive

Motivate yourself, confide in others, congratulate yourself on your efforts, seek help from your residence colleagues if a subject or topic is unclear, enjoy your life in the community, because you are not alone. The exam period is a challenge for everyone, even if everyone does not experience it in the same way. Tell yourself that you have made it so far and that this is just another step.


Good luck to everyone!